Increase customer engagement by zooming in on each individual customer.

Digital interaction is marketing´s new core.

Customers increasingly engage with companies through digital interaction. It’s the future, because it‘s convenient. But customers expect a meaningful, effective and personalized interaction.

Interactive marketing is a powerful way to benefit from this evolution in customer behavior. It converts digital interaction with customers into targeted dialogues: valuable conversations, which you can influence and direct to achieve your business goals, while keeping focus on your customers’ expectations.

The goal of interactive marketing is to make every digital interaction valuable. Our goal is to bring this huge value to your business.

Start profiting from interactive marketing. Today.

We have simplified interactive marketing to provide you with an easy-to-use solution that you can start using straight away.

Select your interactive marketing objective and follow our straightforward, 3-step process to launch today.

Easy onboarding

Sign up and start using OPINATOR right away. Absolutely no technical knowledge required.

Simple to use

What you see is what you get. Intuitive building blocks interface.

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Publish and distribute your digital dialogues instantly.

Select your interactive marketing objective.

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Acquire more customers and grow your revenue.

Create customized interactions to increase lead generation, conversion rates and profitable member-get-member deals.

Straightforward, 3-step launch process.


Build visually rich, multi-device interaction forms in minutes.


Reach your customers across multiple channels, maximizing your audience.


Acquire sales, visibility and valuable customer behavior insights and data.