Acquire more customers and grow your revenue

The SELL subscription plan is OPINATORs signature interactive marketing plan. Increase your customer base and revenue per customer with its exclusive data collection and customer identification features, enabling targeted and individualized one-to-one dialogues that generate great and profitable customer experiences.

It includes all the features of the FIND OUT and PROMOTE plans, with these upgrades:

- A total of 5 different interaction forms (OPIs)
- Up to 1.000 interactions per month
- Up to 10 interaction items per form
- Up to 5 public social opinion webpages

and these exclusive features:

Specific customer data collection

Include customized data input fields in the interaction forms, which allow you to capture specific customer information: such as name, address, telephone number or email and build your customer interaction database.

Identified interaction

Know where every interaction comes from. Follow unique customer responses from push interactions and organize feedback according to the corresponding communication channel or campaign.