Designed to be powerful: but in a simple and effective way

As leading interactive marketing cloud platform, OPINATOR ensures a customer oriented, feature rich solution.

All OPINATOR plans share the following general features:

Trial account

Take OPINATOR for a spin! Have a look inside and see all the possibilities that interactive marketing provides. The trial account includes a fully operational SELL plan for a free, 15 day period.

Self service

OPINATOR is a complete, self-service SaaS platform. Open an account, subscribe to a plan and launch your own interactive marketing right away and at your sole discretion (but we´ll be there if you need us!).


Get help when you need it. All our plans include email support, where well help you with all your questions regarding OPINATOR. For the more feature rich plans, we also provide a direct, online chat support.

Control Dashboard

See whats happening with your interactions in real time. Access to individual feedback, or view results by groups and many other filtering options. Be in control.

OPI Sense Index

Know the results of your interactions at a glance. The OPI Sense Index is a proprietary measure based on an algorithm that blends all the quantitative and qualitative information gathered with your interaction dialogues.

Interaction design customization

Choose from a variety of design elements to fit your interaction goals and to create visually attractive digital dialogues: buttons, drop down menus, stars, icons, smileys, sliders... You may also include text, pictures or video in your responses and choose between a standard or a clean interaction form style.

Social Media

Interact with customers across channels (web, email, social networks)... and choose the mode of interaction (weblink, shortlink, QR code...) that best fits your needs. OPINATOR consolidates all communications and works seamlessly independently of customer device, software platform and language.

Push interactions

Send interaction requests to your customers directly, for example through social networks or email and start digital conversations with your customers.

Incentives platform

OPINATOR includes a complete incentives platform to help you maximize the number of interactions with your customers. Create and manage fully customized incentives to fit all your goals.

Spam detection

Filter interactions in real time to prevent undesired spam. Choose from different filtering options (allow unique responses from same user, set response time intervals, etc.) to always obtain clean and valuable data.

Push notifications

Be always well informed about what´s happening with your customer interactions with configurable automatic push notifications to your email.

Data export

Download all or a selection of your interaction data in standard ".csv" format files. There are no special limitations to exporting data from your account.

Setup consulting (optional and at charge)

Whether you´d appreciate a closer support for first time use and setup, or whether you´d like to deepen your knowledge about all the possibilities of OPINATOR has, we offer an optional, dedicated Skype/telephone support at just 40 EUR/hour. Please contact us directly if you are interested in this option.