A complete interactive marketing solution

Interactive marketing is evolving fast. Facilitating digital communication between customers and businesses has become fundamental, because customers increasingly demand an easy, convenient and personalized interaction.

However, facilitating communication is only one part of interactive marketing. To effectively create value from interacting with customers, companies also need to maximize their digital audience, to provide the right, individualized interactions and to comprehend the information gathered through these digital interactions.

OPINATOR is a complete interactive marketing solution, which addresses all these issues:

Maximizing interaction

OPINATOR facilitates digital communication between customers and businesses by easily creating compelling digital dialogues around any topic (from products and services to brands or campaigns), and maximizing the range of interaction by consolidating communication across many digital and physical channels (web, email, social networks, short links, QR-codes...), working seamlessly independently of customer device, software platform and language.

Setting up response rules

OPINATOR incorporates a customizable interaction rules system, which enables individualized dialog responses according to different contexts and customer choices, creating a unique customer experience.

Providing data

OPINATOR aggregates all interaction information in a unique database, which can be directly analyzed with the different view and analysis tools provided, or easily exported for any other customized use.