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Piia Aro Joins OPINATOR Nordics

We are pleased to announce that Piia Aro has joined the OPINATOR Nordics team as Account Manager.

Upcoming OPINATOR Webinars

Sign up for the celebrated free OPINATOR webinars and start generating value from the interactions with your customers through the simple (but poweful!) combination of OPINATOR modular blocks.

Patricia Ares joins OPINATOR as a Marketing Designer

OPINATOR keeps growing solidly and hiring talented professionals from all over the world. Patricia Ares, a brilliant marketeer and designer, has just joined our team as our new Marketing Designer.

OPINATOR Looking for a Java Software Engineer

OPINATOR keeps growing and hiring! We are now looking for an outstanding Software Engineer to join our stellar engineering team.

Come work for the most exciting start-up of the international scene. Please send us your C.V. and cover letter to careers@opinator.net

OPINATOR, the Spanish marketing company that is taking over the world

OPINATOR is a Spanish start-up that is taking over the world with a new way to do marketing.  Their model is based on the monetization of feedback using gamification techniques. Some of their customers include British Petroleum, Telefónica, BBVA, Crowne Plaza Hotels, the South Africa's restaurant chain Spur Steak Ranches and Chile's Banco Estado.

Ignacio Bona Promoted to Chief Software Architect of OPINATOR

It is our pleasure to announce that Ignacio (Nacho) Bona, until now Senior Software Developer at Innology Ventures, has been promoted to Chief Software Architect (CSA) of OPINATOR.

OPINATOR Looking for a Marketing Designer

OPINATOR keeps growing and hiring!

We are looking for a highly creative and enthusiastic Marketing Designer to join the OPINATOR team.

Please send your CV and cover letter to careers@opinator.net

Come work with the exciting startup that is creating the new way to connect businesses with consumers!

OPINATOR Enters the Russian Market through a Strategic Alliance with Dot Com Skills

OPINATOR, the company that connects businesses with people, announces its entrance in Russia by the hand of Dot Com Skills, a fast-growing and innovative company dedicated to the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art technologies.

OPINATOR introduces NPS® (Net Promoter Score) Support


OPINATOR is continuously adding new functionality to the system to ensure best in class service, quick adaptation to customer demands and allow new usages and applications.

OPINATOR has recently added a new functionality that allows the implementation of NPS® ratings in the interaction with customers, on top of all OPINATOR functionalities currently provided and in continuous expansion.

Response to questions with ranges from 0 to 10 are easily implemented by OPINATOR using new “configurable buttons” that enable multiple choice questions to be effortlessly included and show a friendly and straight forward interface for the end user.

OPINATOR incorporates HTML5 software

OPINATOR incorporates best state-of-the-art technologies and software development tools to ensure best adaptation to the rapidly changing environment, also in the technology side.

Ignacio Bona, OPINATOR’s Chief Software Architect and responsible for the software innovation has declared: “At OPINATOR, we are always pursuing the best software structure and follow the most demanding international standards. Specific well developed HTML5 features are a step forward in our robust and feature-rich evergreen technology”


OPINATOR starts operating in Africa through OpinionSA

OPINATOR, the company that connects businesses with people, has started creating direct dialogues between consumers and companies in the African continent through its partner, OpinionSA.

New communication channel for OPINATOR: NFC (Near Field Communications)


OPINATOR (www.opinator.net) proudly announces the addition of NFC (Near Field Communications) a new channel to communicate companies and users.
OPINATOR is always at the leading edge of technology! Well aware of technology trends, and following a multichannel approach to facilitate communication between users and companies.
You can see a quick video demonstration in our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axSw24ZINj8

New OPINATOR webinars: How to Build Profitable Interactions with your Customers

Did you miss today's sesions? Well here you have our schedule of upcoming webinars for October and November. Lots of chances for you to keep learning how to use OPINATOR to build profitable interactions with your customers.

Upcoming OPINATOR Webinars: Building Profitable Interactions with your Customers

Given the high number of requests that we are getting from companies all over the world to introduce them to OPINATOR, we are holding a series of FREE webinars in which we will be showing how to turn interactions into value with OPINATOR.

OPINATOR Named as Finalist for 2012 Bully Awards

Opinator honoured as a leading European TMT company

BARCELONA – 5 September 2012 – White Bull Summits (http://www.whitebull.com), champions of European innovation, and OPINATOR, an artificial intelligence service that creates interactions between brands and consumers that benefit both of them, announced today that OPINATOR has been named a finalist for the 2012 Bully Awards, which honour Europe’s leading technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies.

A total of sixty deserving European firms were selected from a pool of hundreds of nominated European TMT companies. A complete list of the 2012 White Bull Summits Bully Award finalists may be viewed at http://whitebull.com/latest/our-2012-finalists.

OPINATOR GROWS. Launch in The Netherlands with CustomerMatch

OPINATOR, the company that connects businesses with people, has started operating in The Netherlands through its recently-established distributor, CustomerMatch.

CustomerMatch is based in Amersfoort and is led by Irene Grotendorst.

Laura Tiilikainen Joins OPINATOR NORDICS

We have new talent on board: Laura Tiilikainen has just joined the OPINATOR NORDICS team in Finland.

Laura has a passion for the digital and mobile worlds, and for new businesses, and she definitly has a sweet spot for customer experience.

OPINATOR Expands into Scandinavia with the Launch of OPINATOR NORDICS

OPINATOR, the company that connects businesses with people, has started operating in Scandinavia through its recently-established affiliate, OPINATOR NORDICS.

OPINATOR NORDICS is based in Helsinki, and led by Juha Reima and Jouni von Wendt.

10,000 Opinions in a Single Day!

A few days ago OPINATOR beat his own record by collecting 10,000 user opinions about different companies and brands in a single day.

Why are so many people choosing OPINATOR to communicate instantly and directly with businesses? There are several reasons for the success of this new and effective mean of communication.

OPINATOR Looking for Distributors Worldwide

OPINATOR, a cloud service that enables businesses to establish a real-time, open dialogue with their customers over multiple channels, is growing rapidly and expanding globally.

We are now looking for great partners worldwide eager to profit from the new way to connect businesses with consumers.

OPINATOR Keeps Growing: Luis Martí, Professor & PhD, joins our team

OPINATOR keeps growing and providing opportunities to talented innovators and researchers like Luis Martí, professor and Ph.D., who has just joined our Natural Language Processing area.

OPINATOR Ushers in a New Era in the Communication between Businesses and Consumers

A marked characteristic of all of the products that have changed the world is that five minutes after you first start using them, you can’t stop asking yourself: how on earth could I live without this? It’s happened with TV, the Internet, mobile phones... and now with OPINATOR, because this pioneering new service brings such dynamism, freshness and, yes, FUN to the communication between companies and customers that it opens up a world of opportunities for both of them. Want to change the world? Come in and see how!

We've launched 'public OPIs'!

Thank you so much for all your comments and suggestions during the past days! (and also for some constructive critics). It's now clear to us, that apart from having OPIs for businesses and organizations, there are some issues of public interest that should have their own OPI and with which we can have a lot of fun... so we've done two things: